Portobello Pesto Pizzas

with red pepper and cucumber salad

Active: 20 min | Total:

It turns out folks love pizzas whether it's on a floury crust or on a mushrooms (clearly melted cheese has something to do with it). These veggie-based pizzas are a great way to use up some leftover pesto. And just like when we featured it first, our paleo option has you taking last night's pesto into an omelet.
Smarts: Make more of these for freezing. After cooking, let them cool and then place onto a sheet pan and freeze for ~3 hours. Then package them up individually in bags or foil.

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Portobello Pesto Pizzas:

  • Portobello mushrooms - 4
  • Tomatoes - 2 , sliced
  • Olive oil - 1 1/2 Tbsp
  • Leftover pesto - 1/3 cup
  • Mozzarella - 4 oz, grated ((Or just used a slice of sandwich cheese - mozzarella, fontina, Swiss))

Red Pepper and Cucumber Salad with French Vinaigrette:

  • Red peppers - 1 , chopped ((1 large or 2 small))
  • Cucumbers - 1/2 lb, chopped
  • Honey - 1 tsp
  • Dijon mustard - 1 tsp
  • Sherry or red wine vinegar - 1 1/2 Tbsp
  • Olive oil - 2 Tbsp
  • Mixed greens - 6 oz
  • Sliced almonds - 1/4 cup

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Reviews of this meal

This meal has 13 reviews

from Sarah for the original version
Comment: "Everyone liked it!"
Jan 27, 2016

from Catherine for the original version
Comment: "The mushrooms came out really watery and made it kind of difficult to eat without creating a drippy mess. (The tomatoes also added more water)"
Aug 13, 2015

from Amanda for the original version
Comment: "Really loved these little pizzas, rather then the salad I diced cucumbers and peppers and added them to couscous- it was great"
Mar 26, 2015

from Kyler for the original version
Comment: "Good flavor but turned out really watery- maybe because I used fresh mozzarella "
Oct 11, 2014

from Krista for the original version
Comment: "Another FANTASTIC dish!! I love the flavor of the pesto, with the mushroom. Such a great combination!!"
Sep 21, 2014

from Allison for the original version
Comment: "Need more than 2 portobellos per person since they shrink a little while cooking. Fresh mozzarella on top was a nice touch. "
Sep 08, 2014

from Kristin for the original version
Comment: "This was super simple and very tasty. I didn't make the pesto from the night before, so I bought some. When I make this again I'll use the sun-dried tomato pesto for an extra flash of flavor. "
Aug 20, 2014

from Kelsey for the original version
Comment: "I highly recommend cooking the mushrooms first, especially if your mushrooms are large. I put a little bit of oil on them, gill side up on a baking dish, then poured off the excess water that develops. The tomato and cheese take much less time to cook. I am not a fan of the combination of the salad and the mushroom pizza --> too much tomato for not a huge tomato eater. I think a different side would enhance this meal greatly."
Aug 18, 2014

from Matthew for the original version
Comment: "Has anybody else frozen these? how do you defrost/reheat? Oven @ 400 degrees for tenish minutes? I absolutely loved this! I felt so guilty when I removed the stems, until I realized I could chop them up and use some as toppings! I used the remaining diced mushroom stems in the pesto spaghetti with shrimp. Instead of mozzarella cheese I used a cultured yogurt (lactose free) sharp cheddar mixed with pepper jack and tossed some pepperoni on it."
Aug 14, 2014

from Abbie for the original version
Comment: "i think i would add fresh basil & maybe balsamic vinegar to the mushrooms at the end next time."
Aug 12, 2014

from Allison for the original version
Comment: "Bought pesto b/c I didn't make the other meal. Really easy and yummy!"
Aug 10, 2014

from Sarah for the gluten free version
Comment: "Fabulous!"
Aug 08, 2014

from Lauren for the original version
Comment: "I didn't have much pesto left from last night and it didn't have much flavor."
Aug 07, 2014