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Ethiopian-Spiced Kidney Beans
with atakilt wat / flatbread

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We are so excited to add this colorful Ethiopian-inspired meal to our growing list of meals that use Berbere spice. The spice blend adds smoky, spicy flavor to the kidney beans that are featured in this dinner.



Ethiopian-Spiced Kidney Beans:
  • Onions, medium - 1/2 , diced
  • Ginger - 2 tsp , grated
  • Garlic - 4 cloves , chopped
  • Beans, kidney (14 oz / 397 g) - 2 cans , drained and rinsed
  • Butter - 3 Tbsp
  • Berbere spice - 1 Tbsp , more or less, depending on your spice preference
  • Lemon juice - 2 tsp
  • Flatbread - for serving (use Injera if you can find it, but naan or pita will work as a substitute)
  • Hot sauce - for serving
Ethiopian Potatoes and Carrots (Atakilt Wat):
  • Onions, medium - 1/2 , diced
  • Ginger - 1 tsp , grated
  • Garlic - 2 cloves , chopped
  • Jalapenos - 1 , finely chopped (seeds removed for less spice)
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Cumin, ground - 1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric, ground - 1/2 tsp
  • Cinnamon, ground - 1/4 tsp
  • Black pepper - 1/4 tsp
  • Baby carrots - 8 oz
  • Potatoes, Yukon gold or Russet - 1 lb , peeled and cubed
  • Oil, cooking - 1 Tbsp
  • Coleslaw mix - 8 oz (sub finely sliced green cabbage)
  • Stock, any type - 1/2 cup


  1. Onions (both portions) / Ginger (both portions) / Garlic (both portions) / Jalapenos - Prep as directed. Combine onions, ginger, and garlic for beans in one container. Combine onions, ginger, garlic, and jalapenos for vegetables in another container. (Can be done up to 5 days ahead)

  2. Make spice blend for vegetables - Combine salt, cumin, turmeric, ground cinnamon, and black pepper. (Can be done up to 5 days ahead)

  3. Baby carrots - Place baby carrots in a microwave safe bowl and cover with a damp paper towel. Microwave on high until carrots are starting to soften, 3 to 4 minutes. (This will save a lot of time while the vegetables are cooking.) (Can be done 1 day ahead)

  4. Potatoes - Peel and cube potatoes.

  5. Beans - Drain and rinse.

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  1. Heat a Dutch oven or saute pan (use one with a lid) with oil over medium heat. Add onions, ginger, garlic (portions for vegetables), and jalapenos. Saute for 4 minutes to soften slightly.

  2. To aromatics, add vegetable spice blend and saute until fragrant, 2 to 3 minutes.

  3. Stir in carrots, potatoes, coleslaw mix, and stock. Reduce heat to low-medium. Cover and cook until potatoes and carrots are tender, 15 to 20 minutes. (Remove the lid and stir the vegetables occasionally. If the pan starts to look dry and / or the vegetables start to stick, add water ¼ cup at a time.)

  4. When vegetables are nearly finished cooking, heat a large skillet with butter over medium-high heat. Add Berbere spice, onions, ginger, and garlic (portions for beans). Saute until fragrant, 4 to 5 minutes. Stir in beans just until heated through.

  5. Remove beans from heat and stir in lemon juice.

  6. Warm flatbread.

  7. Taste vegetables and season with some more salt, if needed.

  8. Serve beans and vegetables with flatbread and hot sauce. Enjoy!



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