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Chilaquiles with Turkey Chorizo
and curtido / sour cream

Active: 30 minTotal: 30 min

Made in just one pan with minimal prep, chilaquiles are a great addition to the weeknight meal rotation. Tortillas are chopped, fried in a bit of oil, and folded in at the end of cooking to create a rustic dish that is hearty and full of flavor.
Smarts: We featured another chilaquiles in the past so check out that version if you want ideas for additional variations and toppings.



Turkey Chorizo:
  • Chili powder - 1 tsp
  • Paprika - 1 tsp
  • Cumin - 1 tsp
  • Garlic powder - 1 tsp
  • Coriander - 1 tsp
  • Salt - 1/2 tsp
  • Black pepper - 1/4 tsp
  • Turkey, ground - 1 lb
Turkey Chilaquiles:
  • Tortillas, corn and taco-sized - 8, chopped into 2” / 5 cm pieces
  • Bell peppers, any color - 1, diced
  • Onions, medium - 1/2, diced
  • Limes - 1, wedges
  • Oil, cooking - 1 Tbsp + 1 Tbsp
  • Enchilada sauce, red (10 oz / 283 g) - 1 can (use any store-bought variety; mild or spicy)
  • Stock, any type - 1/4 cup
  • Sour cream - 6 Tbsp (sub plain or Greek yogurt)
  • Curtido Pickled Cabbage (leftover from Tuesday) - ~2 cups

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 serving
Servings Per Recipe 4
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  1. Tortillas - Chop tortillas into 2” / 5 cm pieces. (Note: If time allows, leave tortillas uncovered at room temperature for a few hours and up to a day. They will hold up better during cooking if they are a bit stale.) (Can be done 1 day ahead)
  2. Make spice mix - Combine chili powder, paprika, cumin, garlic powder, coriander, salt, and black pepper. (Can be done up to 5 days ahead)
  3. Bell peppers / Onions - Prep as directed and combine. (Can be done up to 5 days ahead)
  4. Season turkey - Stir spice mix into turkey. (Can be done up to 2 days ahead)
  5. Limes - Slice limes into wedges.


  1. Heat a skillet over medium heat. Add first part of oil and then chopped tortillas. Cook tortillas, stirring occasionally, until lightly toasted, 5 to 6 minutes. Set aside.
  2. Return skillet to stovetop and increase to medium-high heat. Add second part of oil and then bell peppers and onions. Saute until vegetables are tender, 4 to 5 minutes.
  3. Add turkey and saute, breaking it apart, until cooked through, 5 to 6 minutes more.
  4. Pour enchilada sauce and stock over turkey and stir to combine. Simmer for 1 minute to reduce slightly.
  5. Add tortillas back to pan and stir until tortillas are warmed through and coated in sauce.
  6. Divide chilaquiles between serving bowls and top with sour cream and curtido (leftover from this recipe). Serve with lime wedges for squeezing over top. Enjoy!

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This meal has 37 reviews

Delicious and very easy. I cheated a bit and put it on a bed of crushed tortilla chips (yes, I know that makes it not paleo) and I used chorizo already made from the store because I was short on time. I could have used bit more spice. I think the chroizo I bought was mild. I'll add some Tabasco to the leftovers.

By: Ruth
Posted: Jul 19, 2019
Diet: Paleo

We okay - I didn't cook the tortillas since I used lettuce leaves and husband used flour larger tortillas. Good just not over the top. It was quick and easy though.

By: Liz
Posted: Jul 19, 2019
Diet: Original

Yum! Skipped the jalapeño and only 1/4 tsp of chili powder (I’m not a spice person). Taste was great loved the crunchy on top. Pretty easy too. (Note to self: same some of the tortillas to mix in to leftovers the next day, they get kind of soggy left in overnight.)

By: Sara
Posted: Jul 18, 2019
Diet: Original

Wow! This was so good! I was not expecting how easy and fast it would be. The balances of spices was perfect with the mild enchilada sauce. Might consider adding some beans on the side next time, not because it wasn't filling, but just felt like some ranchero beans would go so well.

By: Erin
Posted: Jul 18, 2019
Diet: Original

Not a winner for us. We could have easily halved the spice mix. It was way too overpowering (maybe because most of our jars are new?). The curtido wasn't bad but I'd half the oregano as well.

By: Nicole
Posted: Jul 18, 2019
Diet: Original

I made this with pre-made chorizo (definite time-saver!) and cashew flour tortillas, and it was incredible! The curdito added such great acid and crunch. A definite 5-star favorite in our house!

By: Jeanine
Posted: Jul 18, 2019
Diet: Original